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All set for monorail in Patna (Lead)

RITES conducts survey for monorail in Patna (Lead):
Railway approved the possibility of Monorail in Patna ,
Impressed by the monorail systems he has seen in places like the Sentosa amusement park in Singapore, government is set to replicate the transport system in his home city Patna as well - and has already got the initial survey conducted by the railways.
On the minister’s directions, the consultancy arm of the Indian Railways, RITES, has conducted the survey to study the possibility of what is likely to be the first monorail service in the country. 
A.K. Chandra, chief public relations officer of East Central Railway, said the monorail would be part of a larger railway project in Patna and would help ease traffic congestion in Patna. 
It will start on the basis of PPP mode. there will bw five zones of monorail rail traffic.

After Survey  it has been established that Monorail can easily run in Patna.

1. Gandhi maidan to Didarganj 
2. Gandhi maidan to Danapur.
3. boring road to Kurji
4. Patna Junction to Bajar samiti
5. Nayatola to Ganga Bridge

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