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Cricket World Cup 2011 will have pockets for loose

New Delhi. You next year's World Cup matches in the Indian continent are planning to see, then matches them to get ready to loose your pocket over which team will participate. Between April 2011 and February 19 let it India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh for the next World Cup tickets, do not make the mistake of waiting until next year because all the cricket matches in the group stage of Mahakumbha tickets are available for sale .

The match will get tickets for ten bucks but that's another matter that this you have to travel to Sri Lanka. World Cup organizing committee has set the price of tickets accordingly to match the group stage of the lowest ticket price is Rs 20,000 and above ten bucks.
Ahanbantota between Sri Lanka and in Canada on February 20 of the match by ten bucks, but also can be enjoyed in India, one of the lowest ticket price is 30 bucks, but the team is not involved in the match. Mohali's PCA Stadium due on March 11 between West Indies and Ireland to match the price of stamps is priced Rs 30 and 5000.

Now you talk about the match which includes the team, then you have to watch it in royal style Rs 20 thousand to spend the gear. Their first match, India will play Bangladesh in Dhaka on 19 February. Tickets for this match will get Rs 7500 to Rs 300. Between India and England at Kolkata on February 27, 1200 and 1500 rupees for the match tickets are available. Guards at the Eden Holland and Ireland for matches between the price of these tickets is priced Rs 700 and 1000.
Indian team in the World Cup on March six to play in the Bangalore's Chinnaswamy Stadium Corporate Box Utaregee the match sitting in the viewing audience of 15 thousand rupees will buy tickets. Similarly, close to the ticket pavilion and T stand of Rs 12,500 is Rs 6,000.
This matches the lowest fares of Rs 1,000, which A, C and P-3 is the block. Feroz Shah Kotla stadium in Delhi to the then nine between India and the Netherlands on March prior to the match and the West Stand tickets cost Rs 500, Rs 1,000 North Stand tickets for the south stand tickets cost Rs 4000 have to. West Indies and South Africa match in Delhi for tickets will only cost but Canada and Kenya will be half price to match.
Visic Stadium in Nagpur between India and South Africa for the match on March 12 from Rs 300 to Rs 4,000 tickets are available but most funds MA Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai between India and West Indies on March 20 due will give the match to see. The South and North AC Box will get a ticket for Rs 20,000. The match in Chennai, the Rs 500 tickets for the price that is lower in the Eastern Block. Here it is ten thousand bucks to sit in the AC Match Box can be seen. In addition to the match 1000, 2000, 3000, 3500, 4000, and 5000 bucks tickets are also available. The match between New Zealand and Kenya in Chennai, but it will most fare of Rs 5,000.

The match tickets can be bought for 250 bucks. Sri Lanka has been kept at the lowest price of tickets. Australia and Pakistan at Premadasa Stadium here on March 19 going to the match can be seen in ten to 25 bucks. Even between Australia and Sri Lanka, C Block 25 to 50 bucks worth of tickets have just been laid. In Ahanbantota highest fares of Rs 750.
The match between Australia and New Zealand at Nagpur in 4000 to 300 tickets are available, but here between Zimbabwe and Canada to match the price of stamps has been the right half. West Indies at Mohali - 30 bucks will get the tickets for the Ireland match that South Africa and the Netherlands to match the price will be Rs 100. In Ahmedabad the match between Australia and Zimbabwe for the price of stamps is priced Rs 100 to 3000, while Pakistan and Sri Lanka in Kandy New Zealand can be seen at Rs 2000 from 15 matches.

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