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How to get good appraisal or, appreciation

It is a frustrating part of the year. Not just because of the searing heat outside but more on account of the anger and frustration that has built up inside you ever since you got the appraisal letter. 
You have not got the promotion that you expected and worse, you think the salary hike has not been commensurate with your performance. You worked hard and delivered results but what is irritating you is the fact that others in your peer group who you thought did not measure up to your performance have snagged a better deal. You feel like chucking your job and suddenly your career appears to be at the crossroads. It is not. Bad appraisals are part of the game. 
There is no point in getting emotional about it and messing up your career. The first step in dealing with a bad appraisal is to have an honest mindset and introspect your performance vis-a-vis the targets. A talk with your immediate boss to understand what could have gone wrong may put things in perspective. 
You will better understand your appraisal. For instance, you may have achieved the quantitative targets but not the qualitative ones. If that is indeed the case, your understanding of the performance measurement scale is clearly wanting and it also indicates that you have not owned up to your appraisal process in the first place. "Becoming the leading partner in the appraisal process will surely help. 
There is no point in allowing somebody to set the targets for you to perform, which somebody else will appraise.
You should be involved in setting the target based on your strengths and domain expertise,'' says Shekhar Arora, Executive Director, Human Resources, Ashok Leyland. You should not only be involved in fixing the "how much" part but also the "how to achieve it" part.
This will not only help you to know your goals but also clarify how you should go about achieving it, he adds. That apart, it makes perfect sense to periodically (every quarter) review your performance with your seniors. 
The feedback will help correct your course when required and, most importantly, avoid surprises when the appraisal letter actually comes. Occasionally, there could be instances of extraneous reasons not connected with your performance coming in the way of your correct appraisal.
If so, it shows the organisation in poor light. Under such circumstances, raise the issue with your superiors. If that fails to elicit proper response, it is time to move on. Start patiently looking out for opportunities even as you continue to give 100 per cent commitment to your current job.
Stop being emotional. Adopt an honest mindset and introspect. Meet your boss. Your perception of deliverables and that of your reviewer may differ. If that is the case, your knowledge of the performance measurement is clearly lacking. Become the leading partner of your appraisal process for the next year. Understand the measurement process. Review your performance every quarter with your superior. You can take corrective measures and avoid surprises.
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