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INTERNET is a safer place

How safe do the city's several lakh Internet users think they really are? 
What are the signs of a cyber crime, and what is one to do, if one falls victim to it? 
These are only some of the questions that the ongoing Mumbai Cyber Safety Week 2010 seeks to answer. The five-day event initiatied by the Mumbai Police on Monday began with the launch of a report examining how safe the city's wireless networks are. Conducted by KPMG, the knowledge partners of this initiative, the report examined 28,000 wireless networks. 
"We're making a point to get in touch with Internet users from all walks of life, including BPO workers, students, medical professionals, engineers among others to spread awareness about how the Internet is being misused," said Additional Comissioner of Police Deven Bharti. 
"Almost 9,400 wireless networks all across the city are vulnerable, and 48 per cent of home wireless networks have little protection which means they can be compromised very easily," said Nitin Khanapurkar, Executive Director, KPMG, India. 
"The number of vulnerable wireless networks that can be potentially misused are significant in number," he added. As part of the initiative, interactive kiosks will be set up at the Phoenix Mill mall in Parel till Wednesday, which will entertain queries by the public. 

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