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My favourite ways to recycle, recycle at home

With summer holidays and kids at home, here are a few of my favourite ways to recycle. 
You can try them with the kids. It will keep them busy. 
Don’t throw away empty cereal boxes. 

Cut off one side at an angle and get your kids to help decorate the box as creatively as they can to make a great magazine holder. Get creative with newspaper to create wrapping paper for gifts. 
You can attach dried and pressed flowers and leaves, strips of cloth, bows etc to trim newspapers and create your own unique wrapping paper Cut and keep embroidery, motifs etc from your favourite saris, shawls or even kids’ outfits. 
They can be reused to give a new look to a new plain garment. Look up tailors/boutiques in your area who specialize in creating new from old Use old lightbulbs as indoor planters for money plants. 
Don’t forget to cut off the top portion and remove the wires inside. 
Fill water and add a fresh long stem of money plant. You can twist a piece of thin wire to around it to hang the planter Keep a separate trash can at home for recyclable trash such as aluminum cans, paper etc. 
The whole family can get into the habit of recycling. 
Most schools have routine collection drives to collect recyclable materials. If you have more tips, let us know.

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