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Twitter on T- shirts

Twitter obsessed? Well, now you can buy a T-shirt to tell the world about your Twitter habits. Designs on offer by Mumbai-based website Inkfruit include, 'Beware! I tweet whatever I see!'; 'I tweet after five beers'; 'Twitter is for morons'; 'I will become a twitter trending topic one day' and 'Hold on, I need to tweet this

.' The company, which is based in Goregaon, came up with the five designs after holding a Twitter-themed one-month contest in April among its one million-odd online community, 20,000 of whom are graphic designers. Thousands submitted their designs and the five that scored the highest number of thumbs up rankings from viewers were made into T-shirts. The unisex round-neck T-shirts are now on sale at www.inkfruit.com, at Rs 349 each.

Partner Kashyap Dalal says: "Twitter is in the news so often and we were getting lots of Twitter-themed submissions. Last year, we had selected two Twitter designs for the site and in April, we held a dedicated event for Twitter designs. We've sold 1,000 T-shirts from these four designs already.

" They plan to bring out full-sleeved and polo neck versions of the five T-shirts next, he adds. The website, currently, boasts of 400 T-shirts in about 25 categories. Two of the new Twitter designs, 'Beware! I tweet whatever I see!' and 'Hold on, I need to tweet this' are in the site's top 10 best sellers already. The top selling T-shirts of all time are the Allstar tee, a white T-shirt with two red canvas shoes on; and Mt Everest, which shows a man climbing, he adds.

"The most popular themes are about climate change and anti-corruption or protest messages. This will continue in the future because people like to wear T-shirts that make a statement," he says
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