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The flavor of the season

Ranbir Kapoor, the flavor of the season seems to deliver one hit after another all thanks to his professional and very meticulous approach towards a film. This time around while shooting for Sajid Nadiadwala's 'Anjaana Anjaani', Ranbir Kapoor got so engrossed into getting a particular running scene right that co-star Priyanka Chopra injured her leg; thanks to a pair of high heels and Ranbir's enthusiasm to get the scene right.  

 The shoot was stalled for four hours and Ranbir Kapoor being the gentleman spent the rest of the day profusely apologising to Priyanka Chopra and even personally looked into getting a doctor's opinion.

Meanwhile the yuppie heart throb who surely knows how to flash his sensuality quotient and lopsided sense of humour, performed a 'Salman' act during a TV show. Ranby Boy was on a telly show and when the host jocularly told Ranby that he was making a Tamil film and would like RK to audition for him. Without a moment's hesitation, Ranby promptly lay on the couch and unbuttoned his shirt! (casting couch, in case you missed the point)
The host swiftly reprimanded him for going shirtless and insisted that he keep the garment right on. And once the cameras were switched off the two rolled in laughter and practically laughed their heads off!

Kareena Kapoor is missing Mumbai badly. The actress is stationed in London for past few weeks and she's feeling lonely there. Kareena is missing her close pals so much that she has even invited them to visit her on the sets if they get time. But, sadly none of them are free to give her company. Now, her friends have decided to keep Bebo updated about all the happenings in B-Town. So at least the actress won't miss on the gossip going on here. It's learnt that these regular gossip sessions are keeping Bebo entertained for the moment.

Neetu Chandra seems to have become a favourite with fashion designers nowadays. While ace designer Rocky S roped her in as the showstopper for his fashion show in Delhi this week, the very next day Neetu was again the showstopper for topline fashion designer Neeta Lulla's fashion show in Chandigarh.
The actress has become a good choice for most designers, simply because she has lost a lot of weight and has been glowing with radiance in her latest lean avatar. Moreover, she takes to stage without needing rehearsals, as if like fish to water.

Meanwhile the Kapoor sisters have every reason to smile. Debutante Rhea and Sonam's 'Aisha' has managed to imprss the moviegoers. The romantic comedy has garnered Rs.260 million at the opening weekend worldwide. Inspired by Jane Austen's novel Emma, the film was released on 475 screens across India and 135 screens overseas on Friday.

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